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Vibration Analysis of Centrifuge skid through Finite Element Analysis. 

Industrial Structures


Poisson and Youngs Engineering was tasked with the design improvement of centrifuge mounting skid. The skid is a height adjustable platform and high vibrations are observed when the centrifuge is in operation. Poisson and Youngs Engineering was tasked to perform a Dynamic FEA analysis on the skid structure and suggest the design improvements. 

Modal Analysis:

Modal analysis is the study of the dynamic properties of structures under vibrational excitation. The goal is to determine the natural frequencies (the frequencies at which the structure tends to vibrate in the absence of external forces) and the corresponding mode shapes (the deformation patterns of the structure at each natural frequency). The core of modal analysis is solving the eigenvalue problem.

Poisson and Youngs Engineering used advanced numerical analysis software's like ANSYS to calculate the Natural frequency and Model shapes. Mass participation factor for each mode is evaluated to understand the dynamic behaviour.


Through Finite Element Analysis, the Natural Frequency and Mode shapes are extracted for the maximum and minimum height conditions. It was understood that the natural frequencies of the skid are within the operating range, which may cause high amplitude vibrations due to resonance.  Through design iterations, the stiffness of the skid was modified by additional enforcements. And the natural frequency of optimized skid have a 10% deviation with the operating frequency range, which will avoid resonance.  Further the optimized skid design is verified for the strength and stiffness requirements as per DNV 2.7-3.

Dynamic analysis on skid 1.png
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