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Design of 700 Mton Conveyor Support Structure for IOCL Panipat Refinery

PMC: Engineers India Limited 


Poisson and Youngs engineering was tasked to design conveyor support structure used in Bulk material handling process for the IOCL Panipat Refinery. 


The conveyor support steel structure is carries three conveyors as follows 

Inclined Conveyor - Carries the sulphur from ground level to a height of 35 meters.

Reversible conveyor - Distributes the Sulphur from the inclined conveyor to Movable conveyors 

Movable Conveyor - Distributes the sulphur from the Reversible conveyor to Silos  

Poisson and Youngs Engineering was tasked to design the steel support structure for the above mentioned three conveyors. And the design to be qualifies as per IS 800 2007. 

The following loads are considered in the design calculations. 


• Self-weight

• live load

• Conveyor Loads

• wind loads as per IS 875 Part 3

• seismic loads as per IS 1893 Part 4


The 3D design of the structures was fully developed using Tekla software. The advanced features of Tekla software are used for the connection design, Member placement, Roof Design , Sheet and Grating arrangement. 

Accurate Material list and Interference/clash check are possible at every stage of the project. Design changes are implemented at ease. 

STAAD software is used to perform Design calculations as per IS 800 2007 code check. The design is optimized by reducing the overall weight of the structure. In-house calculation tools are used for the foundation, bolt and weld connection calculations. 

Overall around 2500 + structural drawings are generated for the following 

  1. GAD 

  2. Shop Fabrication drawings 

  3. Shop Erection Drawings 

  4. Floor plan drawings 

  5. Reaction load data drawings 

  6. Site Erection drawings etc. 

The design is verified and approved by Engineers India Limited. 

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