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Motion Load Analysis for the Pump support Structure & Design Qualification - API 610 

Client: Mechanical Ventures, UK


The support structure of these centrifugal pumps has to designed to withstand the static and dynamic loads due to self-weigh, design pressure & Temperature, Nozzle Loads, and ground accelerations due to FPSO motion.  


Motions are calculated at points of interest covering the modules, machinery space, and hull tanks. Motions, accelerations and cargo forces are taken as a input and finite element analysis was performed to evaluate the critical components of the pump assembly. Several load combinations are considered for the FEA. Foundation bolts and weld strength calculation was performed as per Eurocode 3. The structural integrity of the Pump assembly was evaluated as per API 610. 

Additionally Vibration analysis is performed on the pump assembly to calculate the fundamental natural frequencies and all the modes are compared from 1X, 2X and vane passing frequency. A gap of 10% is maintained to avoid any possibility of resonance. 

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