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Case Study -

Design Evaluation of Large Nozzle of a Scrubber Column - ASME VIII Div 2

Client: Mable Engineering, Chennai

Scrubber column are the most common gas/liquid mass transfer equipment used for the cleaning of exhaust gases. Poisson and Youngs engineering was contracted to verify the design of the Scrubber column through finite element analysis. 

Finite Element Analysis of Large nozzle of a scrubber column 

The initial design of the scrubber column was conducted as per ASME section VIII division 1. The large NPS 48 weld neck flange of the scrubber column was subjected to Internal pressure, Pressure end load, Nozzle Loads and hydrostatic pressure and the design was not able to meet the criteria as per ASME VIII div 1. 

Further the design was verified through finite element analysis as per ASME VIII div 2 - linear stress analysis. The Linearized membrane and bending stress for the primary and secondary loads are calculated and compared with the allowable limits for operating and hydrotest conditions. 


Project Highlights

Finite Element Analysis
  • Stress Analysis as per ASME VIII div 2

  • Contact Non-Linear Analysis 

  • Weld strength Evaluation 

  • Strength and Stiffness Analysis 

  • Design Optimization 

  • Report generation 

  • Addressing Review Comments from LLoyd

Industry Standard

ASME section VIII division 2
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